Whisper (One-Shot)
Writer(s): Steven Grant
Artist(s): Jean-Jacques Dzialowski, Kody Chamberlain

Steven Grant's legendary First Comics heroine is back – as an all-new, all-different character! In New Orleans on the eve of Katrina, a collection of privatized black ops gather to provide security for a special mission: security for a drugs-for-weapons swap. Into this gathering steps a woman - the new Whisper. Who may or may not be the woman they think she is, a woman who's supposed to be dead, is very skilled and precise at violence and seems to have useful gaps in her memory. Whoever she is, whatever her agenda, her skills make her invaluable to the man commanding the mission, and he's willing to use her until she runs out of uses. This is an all-new re-imagining, Ultimates-and-All-Star-style, of the legendary First Comics franchise, in mood and spirit much closer to 100 BULLETS than ELEKTRA!

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