Higher Earth #01 (2nd Print)
Writer(s): Sam Humphries
Artist(s): Francesco Biagini, Manuel Bracchi

Space is dead. Why conquer other planets when there's a perfectly good Earth in the universe next door?

Heidi, a girl born in garbage. Rex, a soldier gone rogue. The only thing between them and their destiny is an empire of a hundred different Earths, across a hundred alternate timelines. One majestic planet dominates them all: HIGHER EARTH.

Created and written by Sam Humphries (SACRIFICE, MARVEL’S JOHN CARTER: GODS OF MARS, FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES) HIGHER EARTH is his sci-fi follow up to last year's surprise hit OUR LOVE IS REAL -- a fast-paced epic of infinite possibilities featuring arresting art by Francesco Biagini (ELRIC: THE BALANCE LOST, DINGO).
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