Robert E. Howard's Hawks of Outremer TPB
Writer(s): Michael Alan Nelson, Robert E. Howard
Artist(s): Damian Couceiro
He is Cormac FitzGeoffrey, and he has no master. As a wandering warrior born and bred on battle, he's a renowned fighter, a ruthless adversary, and a man who is no stranger to the ways of violence and bloodshed. He counts his friends on one hand, so when Cormac learns that his most recent liege has been murdered, nothing will stop his quest for revenge. By oath, a path of vengeance will be marked with the blood of his enemies. Sword-swinging, berserker action in only the way Robert E. Howard could deliver! Featuring a cover by fan-favorite THE SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN artist Joe Jusko!
ISBN13: 9781608860418
Diamond Code: OCT100883

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